What to Expect in Your Gastroenterology Appointment

Your first appointment with West Suburban GI will be at the comfortable “Green House,” our renovated Victorian at 14 Main Street in Southborough’s downtown historic district.

We have streamlined our process to reduce or eliminate any additional paperwork. Because most of our patients are referred by their primary care doctor, it is likely that all you will need to bring with you is your insurance card and if necessary, your co-payment. We do our best to gather all of your medical history before you arrive.

We minimize wait times by keeping you informed of any unavoidable delays. Our physicians are sometimes called on as GI specialists for emergencies at nearby Marlborough Hospital.

Once our medical assistant brings you to an exam room, we take your vital signs and review your health concerns during this initial intake conversation. The doctor then discusses with you your symptoms and further treatment, which could be other tests, such as lab work or radiology.

If one of our providers will perform a procedure, we schedule that with you either at the endoscopy suite down the road at 14 Main Street, or at Marlborough Hospital.

GI Procedures

At the endoscopy suite, we typically conduct diagnostic and screening colonoscopies, flexible sigmoidoscopies, and upper endoscopies.

We know you’ll have questions, so visit our FAQ page to find your answers. If your question isn’t answered there, please give us a call!